“Creativity on stage and behind it.”

Courses and debates on the live entertainment market.

Partners Fabiana J. Lian and Bianca Freitas founded On Stage Lab in 2014, a pioneering company partner to big musical events designed to qualify strategic professionals for the show business market.

Besides preparing professional staff for the live entertainment business, On Stage Lab stimulates music businesses.

Dealing with shows and festivals in its intensive and long term courses, practical classes, overviews and entertainment workshops, On Stage Lab is based on an innovative approach to the professional training process and discussing topics on the music industry.


Why Did We Get Here?

Following the quick growth of the show market in South America, the demand for fast and professional training of new staff became top priority in such industry. We came to fill in a professional market gap. So we designed free courses, keynotes and workshops to meet that need in show business.

Besides sponsoring meetings among big stars in the global tours scene, festivals and distinguished professionals from the entertainment business to discuss the market and new business models, the participants have a chance to be in close touch with famous people in the industry.

Who We Are
Fabiana J. Lian and Bianca Freitas, On Stage Lab owners and founders, are active in producing and promoting national and international shows. Together they bring into the classroom an enviable know-how on music events and on what actually happens in the backstage of large festivals and international deals.