The soundtrack of a big business begins here.

Until today, industry professionals and students went abroad on the search of Music Business courses. In 2016, ON STAGE LAB, looking to fulfill this need in Brazil, launches extensive course of MUSIC BUSINESS.

With expertise on live music and entertainment, we bring a comprehensive program of classes that adresses all facets, possibilities and the playbook of the business structure in the music industry. In the classroom, the
best professional, diverse visions and practical classes.

The course is divided in two modules, conceived by ON STAGE LAB and conducted by Roberto Verta, one of the exponent names of the music business in Brazil. With over thirty years of marketing experience in record labels and, most recently, the head of the artistic department of Time For Fun, Verta has extensive knowledge of the music industry behaviour. He has been at the forefront of major record labels like BMG, Sony and Universal Music, and nowadays he coordinates tours and corporate shows.

During the two modules of the course MUSIC BUSINESS, there will be studies regarding music chain, from conception of work until its promotion, resource management and strategic planning. For those who want and
need to understand how this market works in its complexity, MUSIC BUSINESS is highly recommended.

Roberto Verta is one of the most experienced professionals in music business in the country. With a degree in Advertising from Casper Libero in São Paulo, Verta collects functions in his career such as radio broadcaster, DJ and musician. He began his career in the international marketing department of former record label BMG and, over the years, migrated between the biggeste majors of the world: he stayed ahead of Sony Music marketing department for almost ten years, and for a year was at Universal Music. At Time For Fun, he spent five years working in the promotion of international tours of artists such as Madonna, Lady Gaga, U2, Roger Waters, Linkin Park, Bob Dylan, Paramore, Avenged Sevenfold, Ozzy Osbourne, Kiss, Metallica, Aerosmith, Coldplay, Bon
Jovi, Guns n’ Roses, Simply Red, AC/DC, Oasis, plus many others. Today, he promotes international tours and corporate shows.


5/05 – Class 1 – A Business called music
Introduction – Music as a business
From Thomas Edison to Steve Jobs – the history of the phonogram.

10/05 – Class 2 – Endeavoring in Music
Music Industry & Musical Entrepreneurship
Creative economy and the music chain production

12/05 – Class 3 – Artist with a Plan
Artistic manager & management.
Guest: Martin Fuller

17/05 – Class 4 – Science: Artist, Repertoir, Studio
A&R / Artistic production
Music Production – studio, the music factory

19/05 – Class 5 – Music Producer: Turning Ideas into Reality
The daily relationship with the artist
Guest: Rick Bonadio

24/05 – Class 6 – An Active Called Composition
Intelectual property – offline x online history
Composed x Recorded Music – differences and synergies

31/05 – Class 7 – Bring On The Noise, Money in the Cashier
Rights (phono-mechanical & copyright)
Musical Publishing & Collecting Societies
02/06 – Class 8 – Taking Care of Your Work
Study of the practical process of the publication of musical works
Publishing revenues
Guest: Guta Braga

07/06 – Class 9 – Record Companies: Choices, Challenges and Day to Day
The search for talent
Guest: José Antonio Eboli

09/06 – Class 10 – Music Labels: The House of Music
Music Labels – Historic, players
How does a label work?
Record Company or Label?

14/06 – Class 11 – Balance and transparency in Music Business
Music law, negotiations and contracts
Accounting and costs
Financing your project – sponsorship, crowdfunding & incentive laws

16/06 – Class 12 – Connecting with the audience
Promotion and marketing: radio, TV, media and web

21/06 – Class 13 – Sales: Getting to the final costumer
Sales/physical and digital distribution.
Certifications – (gold, platinum and diamond) in the physical and digital formats
Telephony & Music
National Market x Latin America in terms of distribution

23/06 – Class 14 – Digital World
Social Media

28/06 – Class 15 – Debate: Record Company, Business and the Future
Workshop: the future of music in a digital world

30/06 – Class 16 – Presentation of Final Work