In its 7th edition, “Show Business – A Panorama of Live Entertainment”, has been graduating new generations on live entertainment each semester. Students get close to active professionals in the industry, during dynamics lectures that tell how this world behind the stage works, from booking an artist to running the show.

The next class starts in September 2016, and it continues in the same style: students will participate in practical activities in live concerts to train the knowledge acquired during the course.

Offers classes that covers booking, ticket sales, sponsorship funding, creating festivals and knowledge of laws, among many subjects that cover the entire circle of creating and running a live event.

The program includes 78 hours of classes on Saturdays, for thirteen weeks. To improve the course, we invite several professionals active in production, such as:

Maurício Aires – Live Pass
Daniela Cachich – Heineken’s VP of Marketing
Rebecca Boulton – Manager of New Order
Del James – Tour Manager of Guns n’ Roses
Facundo Guerra – Vegas Group
Sergio Leal – Move Concerts
Karen Pedroso – Move Concerts
Phil Rodrigues – Move Concerts
Fabiano de Queiroz – Evenpro
Alexandre Faria – T4F
Dennis Sharp – Tour Manager
Scott Nicholson – Killer B Group
Brian Couch – Killer B Goup
Adriano Chiesa – Artistic Security of Megadeth
Evandro Fiotti – Manager of Emicida
Jorge Takla – Takla Artistic Productions
Fábio Soares – Oito Zero Oito
Nico Gomes – Move Concerts
Bruno E. – Eletronic Music Producer
Roberto Maia – 89FM Announcer
Paulo Dalle – Security Engineer
Fabricio Nobre – Bananada Festival

In this course, the student is led through the universe of the live entertainment industry, addressing concepts, forms of performance and the division of sub-industries and its nuances, enabling the understanding of the music industry structure, ranging from content providers, such artist managers and agents to promoters, until you reach the final audience.

18/03 – CLASS 1 – Opening – The Estructure of the industry
25/03 – CLASS 2 – O Artista e o Empresário
01/04 – CLASS 3 – Production
08/04 – CLASS 4 – Booking
22/04 – CLASS 5 – Festivals
06/05 – CLASS 6 – Venue & Ticketing
13/05 – CLASS 7 – Communication
20/05 – CLASS 8 – Marketing
27/05 – CLASS 9 – Tour Management
03/06 – CLASS 10 – Site Planning
10/06 – CLASS 11 – Stage Management
24/06 – CLASS 12 – Backstage & Dressing Rooms
01/07 – CLASS 13 – Closure
*Programme subject to changes.

IMPORTANT: Practical activities can always be changed or canceled. The students of the next class will be selected according to the ON STAGE LAB criteria for participation. Finally, the application for the course doesn’t guarantee that students will watch any concert or event free of charge.

Number of classes: 13 classes
Hours: 78 hours
When: March 18th to July 1st (Saturdays)
Time: 10h00 to 17h00